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My Story


While I had always loved taking friends and family photographs, I never planned to join the Indian and modern Asian wedding photographers in London and UK at large. The whole thing started when one of my friends received his wedding photographs from his official wedding photographer. When he asked me my opinion, I tried to be enthusiastic, but my friend and his wife admitted the photos I took as a guest are better. The worst thing about the photographs they received is that it took their photographer almost six months to deliver the album.

At that point, I realized I could be a better wedding photographer. So I invested a lot of time and money to get myself to the stage of a professional photographer. I joined the fashion photography in 2005 while doing few wedding photography, but I finally switched to wedding photography in 2008.

About Me

I am Maninder Ghatoray, a London based Indian and modern Asian wedding photographer. My love for wedding is complex because my passion for great stories, desire to create beauty and craving for lovely things is great.

I started fully as a wedding photographer in 2008, but I was in the fashion industry before becoming an Indian and modern Asian wedding photographer. I have travelled to different countries from Kenya to Dubai and other countries to photograph different weddings. I believe wedding photography should be emotive and contemporary, yet timeless.

My goal is to create the image that will make you remember your wedding day and smile. Wedding only comes once and if the story of the special day is not told professionally, there won’t be a great memory of the day. That is why I always strive for excellence to ensure your special day’s story is a thing you will remember and be joyful.

My style is unique because it is all about documentary wedding photography that combines a love for storytelling with photography talent to deliver an elegant story in pictures. In every Indian and modern Asian wedding, emotion, colours and traditions are very important and I hope to capture the moments for my clients to give them an enormous sense of achievement.

From the time you book my wedding photography and videography services to the delivery of the final image, I strive to build a strong relationship with you so that we can happily work together to achieve the kind of wedding you desire.

I am available and you can book my service. Let me help you tell the story better than other photographers.









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