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I'm lucky to have been blessed with having been chosen to shoot such numerous Nikha, Baraat and Walima ceremonies. Because the traditions are somewhat unfamiliar to me, I'm increasingly aware of each nuance. When doing the job of Muslim Wedding Photographer, I specifically delighted in watching transformation that happens to Bride with all her extravagance make up, wearing the customary gowns and complex headpieces.

I cherish bobbing around capturing the Mehndi ceremony when both the bride and groom commend it together. This is a period for expressively festivity, music, food, dance and joy for the families. The vibrancy and vitality make me feel invigorated and creative.

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HIRA & AHMED | Royal Garden Hotel | London

Muslim photography or other Asian Photography is orientated around formal family and friends shots. We are on the whole completely mindful that there will be a lot of opportunities at a wedding reception for those sorts of shots, however we as a whole realize that they won't be as close and loose as the photos taken at the tranquility of a private space.

The Nikha-Baarat/Wedding day feels emotional from the start. After the imam recites the vows and blessings, there is an explosion of emotion. Everybody is joyous and upbeat for the newlyweds. The brides side is a tiny bit progressively emotional. Also, I'm in the center, all things considered, recording it as it flows. Also, Walima — which is the place the groom's side have dinner to respect the bride to the family + blend with the two families and guests is more loosened up which sometimes have excellent speeches is a please to capture.

The gathering shots will in general be precious to the couple and their families and as a Muslim Wedding Photographer I cherish the chance to make numerous family portraits that become increasing precious over the long haul.In case you're searching for a professional photographer for an Asian wedding or an Asian wedding videographer in London, UK or destination weddings please connect. We offer present day and natural wedding photography and videography for Asian weddings, Muslim Bengali or Pakistani, Hindu, Sikh weddings, Iranian, Indian weddings all through UK and London.


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